Small Business Saturday!

Mom and Pop stores, entrepreneurs, Pop-Up shops, Boutiques, Direct Sales, crafters, artists………the list can go on and on.

Support your local small businesses today.  Support your friends who are working on a dream, who are saving for a new house, paying for karate lessons, paying for dance lessons, paying for traveling sports (Lord knows I have done my share of this).  When you buy from small businesses you are keeping your friends in business.  You are letting them know that they have value that the big box stores don’t have.

Here are a few links for small businesses that I know of who I will be supporting this Christmas Season.  Buy from people who have a dream, help them achieve their dream.

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Black Friday!

For years I worked in retail.  More specifically, the children’s department at SEARS.  Now, this was back in the early 1990s.  This was a time when the children’s department consisted of clothing from newborn to size 18, baby furniture and supplies and video games.  Black Friday was a nightmare!

Because of this nightmare, I am sitting here in my cozy little home in my comfy recliner with my cat, writing this post.  Am I going out later, yes, because it is my youngest daughter’s 20th birthday and I don’t have a gift.  Other than that, I am fairly confident that my shopping, for the most part will be done online.  There is something exciting about a package being delivered right to your door.

For all of you our there today, be safe, be kind and be generous.  Happy Shopping! May the Christmas madness begin!

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New Product

On November 2, Rodan and Fields officially launched a new product.

Lash Boost is going to change your world! I have always had short stubby eye lashes, I call them “man lashes” except for the fact that my husband has ridiculously long eye lashes.

Is this fair?  I think not! So, I started 3 days ago using my Boost! I am super excited to see results.

For a limited time (actually until supplies run out) R+F has a special Gift Set which includes Lash Boost and a mini eye cream in a super cute pouch.


*Retail pricing $150 (You pay shipping)

**Preferred Customer pricing $135 (FREE Shipping) 

Contact me today to get yours before they are gone!

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