God’s Guidance

30320-cc_trustingodbeach-1100w-tnSo, last Sunday January 1, 2017.  Terry and I went to church.  Now we normally go to church, but this was new,  or maybe it was old.  Let me see if I can explain.

Let me back track a few years.  Back in 2009, we resigned our position as Pastor and wife of the Cash Baptist Church in Cash, Arkansas.  A church that we had called home for 5 years.

We left, and went in search of another church.  Some place we could plug into but not necessarily be in charge of anything.  Well, 8 years and many church visits later, we still had no church home.  We attempted to go back to the church where Terry was ordained, but it just didn’t fit.  Don’t get me wrong, we were very well received, but it just didn’t feel right, again all we wanted was to feel at home.

Our friends attended another Church and had invited us to attend.  So we did.  We started out attempting to go to the service.  Terry and I were both raised in small churches.  He in a Baptist and I was raised Methodist.  So, this was definitely an adjustment for us both.  The service was extremely laid back (that’s ok), there was a band (also ok), the pastor wore fancy blue jeans (not ok), when they dimmed the lights blue stage lights appeared (also not ok).  Are we getting old or should there not be blue lights in the sanctuary?  I am going to go with both.

I like a traditional service, with traditional songs, songs that I can sing along with.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a band and modern Christian music, but can we have a mix please!

Everyone was very nice, except maybe that woman who was saving an entire pew for a special concert when there were no other seats in the entire place.  HA! I wanted to fit in, I really did, but I just didn’t.

This brings us to New Years Day 2017.

We arrived back at the Cash Baptist Church.  Not much had changed, the same folks were there, they had lost a few of the elders since we left, but basically everyone was there.  The same people complained, the same people sat in the same places as they did during our service there.  I was home, Terry was home.  We were home.

I do feel a little apprehensive about what the current pastor and his wife think of us.  We aren’t trying to come back and pastor the church, all we want is to be at home.  No one has played the piano for them since I left.  I am hoping to be allowed to play very soon.

It feels good to be home.