Black Friday!

For years I worked in retail.  More specifically, the children’s department at SEARS.  Now, this was back in the early 1990s.  This was a time when the children’s department consisted of clothing from newborn to size 18, baby furniture and supplies and video games.  Black Friday was a nightmare!

Because of this nightmare, I am sitting here in my cozy little home in my comfy recliner with my cat, writing this post.  Am I going out later, yes, because it is my youngest daughter’s 20th birthday and I don’t have a gift.  Other than that, I am fairly confident that my shopping, for the most part will be done online.  There is something exciting about a package being delivered right to your door.

For all of you our there today, be safe, be kind and be generous.  Happy Shopping! May the Christmas madness begin!

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