When I joined Rodan and Fields 14 months ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  My journey started over Christmas break 2015.  You see, my friend announced on Facebook that she was retiring from her 18 year teaching career to work her Rodan and Fields business full time.

I had watched her for a year on Facebook.  She had never reached out to me directly, but I had seen her posts.  Although I had no idea what R+F was, I was definitely interested in anything that could replace income and allow someone to retire after only a year in business.  I contacted her immediately and we had lunch.  She brought me a folder with some information and a mini-facial.  We talked about the business and the products.  I remember she had used product on one of her hands and not the other.  The difference was astounding.  This stuff was for real.

Previous to Rodan and Fields, my skincare regimen was basically non-existent.  Most of the time I slept in my make up and washed my face in the morning before applying it again.  That was all about to drastically change.  And WOW  the difference in my skin is amazing! before and after

Over the next couple of weeks, my husband and I talked about the business opportunity.  We quickly decided that it was something that I should not pass up.  I jumped in with the $695 business kit.  The kits range from $45 to $995.


Now, I am not ready to retire just yet, but that day is coming.  Rodan and Fields is said to be a 3-5 year retirement plan.  Some have done it in a few months or even in just a year, but that is not the norm.  Three to Five years! That is amazing.  All you really have to do is stay consistent.  I have attempted other direct sales before and was not at all successful.  This company is set up so that it’s consultants succeed.  When consultants succeed, the company succeeds.  Fourteen months in and I have a team of 8, 4 are directly under me and 4 are on my second generation.

Wow, already 8 on my team.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds.  Onward and upward!


If you are interested in joining my team or purchasing products, you can visit my site, Sami Simmons, L1 Executive Consultant. Contact me on Facebook , email at samireessimmons@gmail.com or text/call 870-273-5751.

Personal Results

Last night I decided to photograph my face up close to see if I could really tell a change in my skin from when I first started using Rodan and Fields.

Since I obviously see my face everyday, it is hard to tell a dramatic difference.  I was certainly amazed!

In both photos, I have on zero (0) make up.  I did not use a filter on either photo.  In the before pic, I had washed my face with the REDEFINE regimen with the AMP MD roller which I had been using for about a week.  The after photo is a result of using REVERSE in the mornings and REDEFINE in the evenings almost every day since February.  I say almost, because there have been a handful of times that I went to sleep without washing my face (no, no, no, don’t do that! ) .

I am completely amazed at the results, I am completely impressed with these products, I am completely in love with my skin! I was proud to share this on my Facebook page!

before and after