LIFE: Job vs. Opportunity

An opportunity  has two definitions.  1) a favorable juncture of circumstances. 2) a good chance for advancement or progress while a job  is defined as a paid position of regular employment.  Which of these two things sounds more appealing?

I am watching a group of students play the board game LIFE, besides the fact that it has to be one of the funniest things I have witnessed, I keep hearing them talking about either going to college or starting a career.  There is no option to become an entrepreneur.  No one owns their own business or works in direct sales.  Why??

We are taught throughout life to graduate from college and get a good job.  We start school at age 5, basically that is the start of our employment.  We work, we get grades (hopefully good grades) we stroll along through Elementary, Middle and High School.  Then we graduate.  Now what?  We have been taught all these years that we now have two choices: 1) go on to college or 2) get a job.  Most choose college because we don’t just want a job, we want a good job.

Let’s remember what a job is….a paid position of regular employment.  If you are employed you are working for someone else.  If you have a “good” job, hopefully you are provided with health insurance, vacation days, sick days and even retirement.  AAh, retirement.  What a wonderful thing to look forward to.  If you are lucky enough to work at one place or in one profession for 25 or 30 years you can retire.  TWENTY-FIVE or THIRTY years!

What does this look like?  If you have gone to college right after high school and actually graduated within the 4 year plan (HA) you are now about 20 years old.  Actually you are probably more like 22 because you spent the first year partying too much and the second year trying to make up for the first year.  Let’s be realistic.

Maybe it looks more like what my journey looked like.  I graduated from high school, went to college (just like I was supposed to), got married, dropped out of college, got a full-time job, had kids, worked, back to college, graduated with my BFA, started my career.  WAIT! HOLD ON! That’s not how life is supposed to go.  The timeline should look like this…..high school, college, career, marriage, family in that order.

Just like the game of LIFE, real LIFE never goes like that dream plan.  So, you adjust.

Occasionally LIFE offers you an opportunity.  Are you open to recognizing it?  We certainly aren’t programmed to recognize an opportunity.  What are we afraid of?  Failure?  Ridicule? Skepticism?  Why do we care about those things?  Lots of questions to answer.  Maybe it is time to realize who you are and what you can do with the opportunities that are presented to you.

Would you rather work a J-O-B for someone else or create your own destiny with an OPPORTUNITY?  You decide.

I love my job as an Art Teacher, I love to create and inspire others to create, but in the end I am tied to a 7:30 – 3:30 schedule.  What if you could take an opportunity and not be tied to that schedule or at least use the time away from the schedule to be able to afford to do things that people with Financial and Time freedom could do?  Wow! I would certainly take it.  What if you could use this opportunity to not only make extra money, but replace your full time income?  What if you loved your job and kept it plus the opportunity! WOW!

Rodan and Fields offers you the opportunity to do these things.  I am continually looking for persons with the entrepreneur mentality to join my team.  Someone who is ready to have time and financial freedom or added income to their already awesome career.

Won’t you join me?

Contact me today!

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