Why Someday? Why Not Today?

I started this post last week.  I guess it has been kind of busy and I have literally left this tab open on my computer since last Tuesday because I didn’t want to forget why I started it.

Each week my company, Rodan and Fields Skincare, offers a training call on Sunday night.  Do I listen on Sunday, NO! I am not nearly organized enough to make that happen.  However, the call is recorded and I listen to the playback on my drive to work on Monday mornings.

Last week, it was all about our WHY.  Why do we do what we do?  Why is it important? Why does it HAVE to work?

Whatever you are doing, you have to have a reason, a WHY.  If you don’t then what’s the point?

Think about this.  

At the end of your life, people will say nice things about you.  That’s just what happens.  So by all means, be a good person, a good friend, a good husband or wife, a good parent.  But this is life, what are you going to do with it?

What do you want your best friend, son, daughter, or spouse to stand up and say about you?  What’s the picture of your life in the end, what did you love, is it being a parent raising healthy happy giving children? Are you out to teach every child to read, do you want to help fund a certain children’s shelter do you want to improve education in your community? Be specific.  If you aren’t specific, then you are just hoping things will happen, you are looking for your someday.  Guys, SOMEDAY isn’t a day of the week.  SOMEDAY never comes, it is like what Annie says about tomorrow, it is always a day away.  

Your “someday” is today once you commit yourself to SUCCESS.


My why has taken a lot to develop.  My instinct is to just say that my why is my family.  Well it is, but what about my family?  My kids are grown and I have a granddaughter on the way.  Family means the world to me.  Specifically, what I want for my family is financial freedom.  I want my granddaughter to be able to graduate from any college she wants to attend without having to work her way through.  I want her to be able to focus on her classes without having to worry about paying bills. I want my kids to be able to finish college and graduate school without having to worry about paying.  I want to take my family on trips to places we weren’t able to go to before.  I want to pay off all of my mother’s bills because she has always taken care of me and provided me with things I never deserved.  I want to build our dream home and purchase a truck for my husband because we have spent years sharing a vehicle.  Beyond family, I want to provide students in poverty stricken areas the opportunity to express themselves through art without their parent having to pay a dime for the supplies or classes.  I want to donate to art programs in schools because art programs are not funded properly.  These are my dreams, these are the things I want to accomplish.  This is why I do what I do.

What is your why?  What would you do if time was abundant and money were no object?

Think about it, comment on this post.  Let me know your plans to accomplish this.  I know one way it can be done, I would love to have you all as business partners if you are committed to making it happen.


When I joined Rodan and Fields 14 months ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  My journey started over Christmas break 2015.  You see, my friend announced on Facebook that she was retiring from her 18 year teaching career to work her Rodan and Fields business full time.

I had watched her for a year on Facebook.  She had never reached out to me directly, but I had seen her posts.  Although I had no idea what R+F was, I was definitely interested in anything that could replace income and allow someone to retire after only a year in business.  I contacted her immediately and we had lunch.  She brought me a folder with some information and a mini-facial.  We talked about the business and the products.  I remember she had used product on one of her hands and not the other.  The difference was astounding.  This stuff was for real.

Previous to Rodan and Fields, my skincare regimen was basically non-existent.  Most of the time I slept in my make up and washed my face in the morning before applying it again.  That was all about to drastically change.  And WOW  the difference in my skin is amazing! before and after

Over the next couple of weeks, my husband and I talked about the business opportunity.  We quickly decided that it was something that I should not pass up.  I jumped in with the $695 business kit.  The kits range from $45 to $995.


Now, I am not ready to retire just yet, but that day is coming.  Rodan and Fields is said to be a 3-5 year retirement plan.  Some have done it in a few months or even in just a year, but that is not the norm.  Three to Five years! That is amazing.  All you really have to do is stay consistent.  I have attempted other direct sales before and was not at all successful.  This company is set up so that it’s consultants succeed.  When consultants succeed, the company succeeds.  Fourteen months in and I have a team of 8, 4 are directly under me and 4 are on my second generation.

Wow, already 8 on my team.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds.  Onward and upward!


If you are interested in joining my team or purchasing products, you can visit my site, Sami Simmons, L1 Executive Consultant. Contact me on Facebook , email at samireessimmons@gmail.com or text/call 870-273-5751.

LIFE: Job vs. Opportunity

An opportunity  has two definitions.  1) a favorable juncture of circumstances. 2) a good chance for advancement or progress while a job  is defined as a paid position of regular employment.  Which of these two things sounds more appealing?

I am watching a group of students play the board game LIFE, besides the fact that it has to be one of the funniest things I have witnessed, I keep hearing them talking about either going to college or starting a career.  There is no option to become an entrepreneur.  No one owns their own business or works in direct sales.  Why??

We are taught throughout life to graduate from college and get a good job.  We start school at age 5, basically that is the start of our employment.  We work, we get grades (hopefully good grades) we stroll along through Elementary, Middle and High School.  Then we graduate.  Now what?  We have been taught all these years that we now have two choices: 1) go on to college or 2) get a job.  Most choose college because we don’t just want a job, we want a good job.

Let’s remember what a job is….a paid position of regular employment.  If you are employed you are working for someone else.  If you have a “good” job, hopefully you are provided with health insurance, vacation days, sick days and even retirement.  AAh, retirement.  What a wonderful thing to look forward to.  If you are lucky enough to work at one place or in one profession for 25 or 30 years you can retire.  TWENTY-FIVE or THIRTY years!

What does this look like?  If you have gone to college right after high school and actually graduated within the 4 year plan (HA) you are now about 20 years old.  Actually you are probably more like 22 because you spent the first year partying too much and the second year trying to make up for the first year.  Let’s be realistic.

Maybe it looks more like what my journey looked like.  I graduated from high school, went to college (just like I was supposed to), got married, dropped out of college, got a full-time job, had kids, worked, back to college, graduated with my BFA, started my career.  WAIT! HOLD ON! That’s not how life is supposed to go.  The timeline should look like this…..high school, college, career, marriage, family in that order.

Just like the game of LIFE, real LIFE never goes like that dream plan.  So, you adjust.

Occasionally LIFE offers you an opportunity.  Are you open to recognizing it?  We certainly aren’t programmed to recognize an opportunity.  What are we afraid of?  Failure?  Ridicule? Skepticism?  Why do we care about those things?  Lots of questions to answer.  Maybe it is time to realize who you are and what you can do with the opportunities that are presented to you.

Would you rather work a J-O-B for someone else or create your own destiny with an OPPORTUNITY?  You decide.

I love my job as an Art Teacher, I love to create and inspire others to create, but in the end I am tied to a 7:30 – 3:30 schedule.  What if you could take an opportunity and not be tied to that schedule or at least use the time away from the schedule to be able to afford to do things that people with Financial and Time freedom could do?  Wow! I would certainly take it.  What if you could use this opportunity to not only make extra money, but replace your full time income?  What if you loved your job and kept it plus the opportunity! WOW!

Rodan and Fields offers you the opportunity to do these things.  I am continually looking for persons with the entrepreneur mentality to join my team.  Someone who is ready to have time and financial freedom or added income to their already awesome career.

Won’t you join me?

Contact me today!

Message me on here, find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or email!





Personal Results

Last night I decided to photograph my face up close to see if I could really tell a change in my skin from when I first started using Rodan and Fields.

Since I obviously see my face everyday, it is hard to tell a dramatic difference.  I was certainly amazed!

In both photos, I have on zero (0) make up.  I did not use a filter on either photo.  In the before pic, I had washed my face with the REDEFINE regimen with the AMP MD roller which I had been using for about a week.  The after photo is a result of using REVERSE in the mornings and REDEFINE in the evenings almost every day since February.  I say almost, because there have been a handful of times that I went to sleep without washing my face (no, no, no, don’t do that! ) .

I am completely amazed at the results, I am completely impressed with these products, I am completely in love with my skin! I was proud to share this on my Facebook page!

before and after


Building The Business

Today I have made a decision to FOCUS on my Rodan and Fields business.

I joined R+F in January and have made a few hundred dollars since then, actually probably close to a thousand.  But honestly, nothing to brag about since this is my sixth month.

Today, my friend and Preferred Customer (PC) called to re-order.  It always surprises me when customers call, but it reminds me that I can make this business work.

Tonight at 10:45 pm, being the only one up, Terry and Emily are already asleep and Rees is not home.  It is Friday and no one has to work tomorrow, I can’t understand why everyone wouldn’t be wide awake and watching Cardinal baseball with me!

Anyway, at 10:45 I decide to make a Wal-Mart run.  On this run I purchased a journal, pens, binder, notebooks, dividers, folders and of course a Diet Mountain Dew (I quit Dr. Peppers a few weeks ago).

Back at home, I am watching the Cardinals play in Seattle while writing my first entry in my journal.  Wow, the Cardinals gave it up in the 9th inning while I was writing.  {sigh}.

Oh well, the question here is…..How am I going to grow my business?

Tonight, I have 6 mini-facials ready to send out tomorrow.

As of today, I need 8 more orders to complete my goal for the month.  Yes, I only have a week left, but if I work really hard it will happen.

I plan on journaling everyday at least once to keep myself focused.

Stay tuned to watch my journey!

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Partnering with Rodan + Fields: The Benefits to Hair Salons and Spas

In today’s world, both women and men spend a lot of money on looking their best. As a hair stylist, salon or spa owner, part of your job is recommending beauty and skincare tips on top of providing amazing hair to your clients.

Something to think about…

Every client who leaves your hair salon or spa today represents approximately $325 or more in annual revenue that could come into your salon simply by sharing the Rodan + Fields skincare products and tools. How many clients came into your salon or spa today? If you see 30 clients each day and just 10% of them became Rodan + Fields product users, this could mean additional revenue of over $3000 in one month. Month after month, those numbers have the potential to get bigger without having to pay money up front and out of pocket stocking inventory.
People in the beauty and medical industries all over the country are having huge success incorporating this into their establishments. Simply placing a display with Rodan + Fields products, brochures and before & after photos in your lobby or waiting area can help increase your earnings exponentially. Having Rodan + Fields clinically-proven skincare products in your hair salon or spa allows you to offer a new “service” without any additional headcount or floor space.

Here are some facts about aging skin…

  • You have 80% control over your skin’s destiny. Whether you are 18 or 81, it’s never too late to change your skin’s destiny.
  • 84% of women in their twenties are afraid of aging.
  • Women spend the equivalent of 5 days per year looking at their own reflection in the mirror.
  • Men use an average of 6 personal products daily while women use an average of 12 cosmetic products daily.

About Rodan + Fields Skincare Products
Rodan + Fields anti-aging skincare products were created from the same leading expert dermatologists who created the very successful Proactiv acne solution. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields have already proven their product expertise when it comes to acne, and now they are doing it again with R+F, a skincare line for ALL skin.

The key is in their Multi-Med Therapy philosophy approach—using the right ingredients and active cosmetics, in the right formulations, in the right order to treat the underlying cause of a skin problem, yielding long-term benefits that produce real results. They take safety and efficacy very seriously, and know that it takes the right concentration of an over-the-counter drug or active cosmetic to achieve the desired result without adverse effects. This understanding and expertise comes from Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields’ years of experience in treating their own patients.
What is great about this skincare company is that they’ve got four lines to address different skin types and concerns. Got sensitive skin, dry skin, facial redness, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema? SOOTHE is for you. What about sun damaged, hyperpigmented, dull skin or even melasma? Then you should try REVERSE. Got acne? UNBLEMISH is for you. Last but not least, are you trying to diminish and/or prevent fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, large pores and firm up your skin? Then REDEFINE is for you.

We can’t forget our ESSENTIALS line for sunscreen, sunless tanner (my favorite), body moisturizer, lip shield with SPF 25, the amazing gauze pads and Vitamin D Supplement or our ENHANCEMENTS line with mineral peptide powder plus the amazing Microdermabrasion paste.

R+F Salon and Spa Benefits
Here are 5 benefits to offering Rodan + Fields skincare products at your hair salon or spa:

Clinically-Proven, Credible Skincare Brand: Rodan + Fields dermatologists have major credibility when it comes to skincare. Even if someone hasn’t heard of R+F, they have heard of Proactiv. It’s like having the opportunity of owning your own Starbucks or Chick-Fil-A franchise. It’s a brand that is highly regarded, highly praised and always in the media.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee: Rodan + Fields offers a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee with a 1% customer return rate. Pretty amazing! With the 60 day money back guarantee, you don’t have to be involved at all in the return or exchange process. The products are replenishable and clinically-proven to work. Not only are the products incredibly effective and worth the cost, but they are also products that people buy time and time again, giving hair salons and spas residual income.

No Home Parties and No Inventory: With R+F, ordering from your own website is simple and products are delivered straight to your client’s doors. The company provides an easy way to order, ships the product for you, pays you 25%-30% commission per product and provides a ton of reports and information about sales from orders you sell to your clients. Your clients can be in charge of their re-orders online via your R+F website, providing you with residual income. You are not locked into having monthly skincare home parties and you do not have to stock or carry any inventory.

Ongoing Training and Support: As a Consultant offering these products to your clients, you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself. You’ll receive proven business development training from industry leaders and unprecedented live and online product support from trained skincare professionals. There are nurses on staff at R+F corporate to be the expert adviser should your clients have any skincare questions or concerns.

Skincare Solution Tool: Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields have developed a skincare solution tool based on how they work with their own patients in their individual dermatology practices. All it takes is 5 minutes to answer some simple skincare questions and your clients can receive their own personalized recommendations and daily skincare routine. You use your solution tool on your website to provide advice and recommendations for your clients on what to order. It’s so simple and easy!

We have several hair salons and spas in the United States successfully selling Rodan + Fields skincare products. They are incorporating them into their daily routine. Why not offer your clients products and tools that really work for their individual needs so that they will keep coming back to you for more? With the history, awards and Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields vision in owning the $3.2+ billion dollar anti-aging industry, you simply can’t go wrong.

Interested in learning more about these skincare products? Wonder if this is a good fit for your hair salon or spa?


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Becoming a PC (preferred customer)

So what is a PC?  Well, it stands for Preferred Customer.  As a PC, you are the elite customer with my Rodan and Fields business.

Here is what RF does for its PCs.

  1. 10 % off of every purchase!
  2. FREE shipping on orders of at least $80.
  3. Special pricing on newly released products.
  4. Reminder emails every 60 days.

Along with those 4 amazing things, here is what I do for my PCs.

  1. I refund your 1 time $20 enrollment fee for all new PCs.
  2. I will personally manage your account so you don’t have to worry!
  3. I give a free gift EVERY TIME you order a full regimen.
  4. Each month I have a special that is only for my PCs.


preferred customer list