Personal Results

Last night I decided to photograph my face up close to see if I could really tell a change in my skin from when I first started using Rodan and Fields.

Since I obviously see my face everyday, it is hard to tell a dramatic difference.  I was certainly amazed!

In both photos, I have on zero (0) make up.  I did not use a filter on either photo.  In the before pic, I had washed my face with the REDEFINE regimen with the AMP MD roller which I had been using for about a week.  The after photo is a result of using REVERSE in the mornings and REDEFINE in the evenings almost every day since February.  I say almost, because there have been a handful of times that I went to sleep without washing my face (no, no, no, don’t do that! ) .

I am completely amazed at the results, I am completely impressed with these products, I am completely in love with my skin! I was proud to share this on my Facebook page!

before and after


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