Building The Business

Today I have made a decision to FOCUS on my Rodan and Fields business.

I joined R+F in January and have made a few hundred dollars since then, actually probably close to a thousand.  But honestly, nothing to brag about since this is my sixth month.

Today, my friend and Preferred Customer (PC) called to re-order.  It always surprises me when customers call, but it reminds me that I can make this business work.

Tonight at 10:45 pm, being the only one up, Terry and Emily are already asleep and Rees is not home.  It is Friday and no one has to work tomorrow, I can’t understand why everyone wouldn’t be wide awake and watching Cardinal baseball with me!

Anyway, at 10:45 I decide to make a Wal-Mart run.  On this run I purchased a journal, pens, binder, notebooks, dividers, folders and of course a Diet Mountain Dew (I quit Dr. Peppers a few weeks ago).

Back at home, I am watching the Cardinals play in Seattle while writing my first entry in my journal.  Wow, the Cardinals gave it up in the 9th inning while I was writing.  {sigh}.

Oh well, the question here is…..How am I going to grow my business?

Tonight, I have 6 mini-facials ready to send out tomorrow.

As of today, I need 8 more orders to complete my goal for the month.  Yes, I only have a week left, but if I work really hard it will happen.

I plan on journaling everyday at least once to keep myself focused.

Stay tuned to watch my journey!

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